All About Water Lilies

All plants have different characteristics depending on the location and the weather they used to grow. Flowers do grow to different places and have different functions. So the main purpose of a water lily is to create shade and protection to fish in landscape ponds. They also bloom periodically dressing up the water feature and that it makes it more wonderful. Water lilies can live in tropical countries and some of them can be eaten. According to science, the Nymphaeaceae family is the scientific name for the water lily family. It consists of around 70 different species of water lily divided into eight different genera. The notes that one genus, Nymphaea, has 35 different species in the Northern Hemisphere. Different varieties of water lilies can live around the world if the temperature is not too warm and not too cold.

Water lilies, of course, grow in the water. They live only in fresh water around the edges of lakes or in small ponds. The flowers stand above the water on slender stalks. It blooms once it is fully grown. The large leaves or the so-called “lily pods” floats in the surface of the water and are attached at the bottom of the pond by a long stem. The roots are rhizomes tubers that contain a lot of nutrients. Though if this type of plant grows a much number of it, it can cause suffocation to freshwater creatures especially to the fishes because it hinders the oxygen taken by the panfishes.

These plants can also be used to become a home craft and other useful things we can apply to our daily lives. The stems can be one of the raw materials to create a slipper, a bag, a mat, wallets and etc. While sometimes the flower can be used to be an ingredient to make a perfume. Sometimes it is also used to feed the herbivore animals.

You can actually plant a water lily in the pots and sink pots in the pond or plant directly the rhizomes in the muddy soil at the bottom of the pond. They grow well in 18 to 24 inches in the water. However they invasive plants that can get into natural ponds, rivers or lakes because they can easily live in water.

It is truly amazing that our planet is composed of wonderful living things just like flowers and plants. One good example is the water lily which has a lot of purposes. And one best way to conserve them to become not the endangered list is to protect and take care of them.