5 Tips For Any Sized Lawn Or Garden

Sometimes it does not need to have a perfect kind of lawn outside your home. But maybe it should be so terrific in the eyes of the people. It should be green and lovely so that everyone who can see it will genuinely appreciate it. If you love gardening, then surely that you must have some knowledge of making it beautiful and aesthetic. In this article, I will share some tips to make your lawn or garden more attractive. Give attention to those living creatures in the area to help and maintain the ecosystem balance and natural. One thing for sure, anyone will acknowledge and enjoy the view once it is maintained regularly.

So here are the following measures you can practice for any sized lawns or garden:

1. Feeding

Fertilizers are essential for your yard, and to feed them you must choose or buy a mix of fast- and slow-release fertilizers in able to make them greener. One of the primary element inside this manure is nitrogen. Take note that you have to feed it when fall and spring at north while spring and summer at the south. Feeding is the most valuable and one of the things that you should remember.

2. Keep your mower blade sharp

Using a dull kind of edge while mowing the grass will keep them brownish and unattractive to see. It may result in a ragged edge so bear in mind to always replace the or sharpen your mower blade every mowing season.

3. Eliminate Broadleaf Weeds

Once a certain kind of weeds sprouted in your lawn, it is time for you to remove it. You can do it by cutting or by pulling it using hands. Some examples of Broadleaf weeds which are apparent in your lawn are the bright-yellow faces of dandelions (and their scatter-in-the-wind seeds), white-flowering clover and big-leaf plantain. They are all visible so take it off to make the plain grass greener in look.

4. Use Pre-emergent herbicide

This type of herbicide can control the growth of unnecessary weeds in your area. It stops their seeds from sprouting and this an ideal to use early in the spring. Managing weeds is far better than removing when it already grows.

5. Water in the morning

The best time to water the grass is in the morning as the sun will help to dry the wet leaves. Night time is not recommended because it can prolong the moisture of the blades which may result in some diseases.

These are some of the tips that are helpful to manage your lawn healthier and make it look striking. And also help you and your family enjoy playing or having a picnic as well.